Get to Know Me

    Welcome to my blog! I just graduated college with a BA in Psychology; however, I have always had a passion for makeup! I started experimenting with makeup swatches as a child. By the time I was in 8th grade, I was fascinated with how makeup could enhance peoples' natural features and completely transform an appearance.
      I remember posting my first youtube video in 8th grade that was a "makeup collection". I say makeup collection in quotation marks, because I probably had five items at the time. My mom ended up finding the video a few months later, and I felt so embarassed, so I took it down.
      Growing up, I received many compliments on my makeup and questions regarding the products I use as well as how I apply the products. Hence the decision to finally creating a Youtube Channel in November of 2016.
       After creating a Youtube channel, I realized how much I enjoyed exploring my passion for makeup. Thus, I decided to create a website that included makeup as well as two of my other passions; fashion and travel.